71st Kouhaku Uta-Gassen with Nikaido Fumi

Yes, it was a very different NHK Kouhaku Uta-Gassen (the 71st) with the ongoing pandemic performances were done without an audience. But for those that are fans of Okinawan pop culture, we can celebrate that popular actress Nikaido Fumi (Naha, Okinawa) was one of the announcers for the annual song battle. She currently starts in NHK’s asadora Yell.

3 thoughts on “71st Kouhaku Uta-Gassen with Nikaido Fumi”

  1. Nice, I didn’t get to watch it this year since they aren’t showing it on Kiku.

  2. Yeah, it was sad that it wasn’t aired on Kiku. Hopefully one day NHK or the other Japan networks will start or join with a streaming service like Hulu or Netflix so it’ll be accessible globally.

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