Chuning Candy

Chuning Candy is a 5-member idol girl group that formed in 2013 from the CAT’S EYE talent school in Naha Okinawa. They follow history of idol groups from Okinawa that includes Super Monkey’s, MAX, Da Pump, Speed, D&D, and Folder 5.

The members of Chunican are Kotone (琴音), Sophie (ソフィー), Lili (LILI), Yuuri (ゆうり), and Aiko (愛子). The group made their major label debut in 2018 with the single “Dance With Me” and to date have released 6 singles (the one featured above from their YouTube channel is their cover of “Dynamic Ryukyu” (ダイナミック琉球). The have several videos for “Dynamic Ryukyu” and each have amassed more than 1 millions views so it can definitely be thought of as their breakout song.

Follow their official Twitter account link for their latest news.

Add them on Apple Music link

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