Animal Crossing: New Horizons New CM Features Aragaki Yui

Being a big fan of this game, it’s with great pleasure to see the latest CM (from the Japanese version of the game あつまれ どうぶつの森) feature Aragaki Yui!

Did you know that there’s an Okinawan villager in this game? There’s also an Okinawan song by K.K. Slider. I’ll write about this in an upcoming post. For now, enjoy the CM!


  1. I have a villager who is Okinawan, I took a screenshot but I can’t seem to upload it.

  2. Nice! He’s Rory (アーサー), a lion and looks like a shiisaa. He also has the Okinawan song playing in his home that also looks like an old Ryukyu home. The English translation of the game doesn’t do his Okinawan theme justice IMO. I’ll have more details about him in a future post.

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