OZ excites!

OZ (オズ) is an upcoming 4-piece rock band from Okinawa with a female lead vocalist. It’s a bit difficult to find their stuff on the Web since there’s another artist from Japan with the same name (go figure?) so here are links to their websites: Official Website, Record Label Website (Nayutawave Records, Universal Music Japan), and their MySpace page.

The band released their first major label single in 2010 titled “Setsuna/Sukairain (Skyline)” on the Nayutawave Records label which is under Universal Music Japan. Prior to their major label debut, they released a mini album in 2008 titled “TETRA” (which I can’t find anywhere) and they’ll be releasing their 2nd single in June 2011 titled “Disukoreeshon (ディスコレーション)” (I think it’s discollation in English). The band, which formed in 2006, is comprised of Narumi on vocals, Issee on guitar, Shin on bass, and Naohiro on drums.

Check out more of their videos on YouTube.

(Via @takararecords.)

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