Yukie Nakama to star in the upcoming NHK period drama “Tempest”


Pictured is the cast for the stage play of “Tempest” starring Yukie Nakama in the main role of Mazuru/Neion Son (真鶴・孫寧温). The play, based on the novel by Naha-born author Eiichi Ikegami, will become a 10-episode BS period drama (BS時代劇) on NHK that is projected to start airing in July 2011.

Synopsis of the stage play from Tokyograph:
“The Tempest” is based on a 2008 bestselling novel by writer Eiichi Ikegami. The story takes place in the late 19th century, during the reign of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Nakama plays a young woman who, for the sake of her country, poses as a eunuch to become an elite bureaucrat, while also dealing with problems as a woman. This is her first time having to play both a male and female character. Her supporting cast includes Yamamoto as her lover and Namase as her enemy.

For the TV drama, the role played by Yamamoto (Masahiro Asakura) will go to actor Shousuke Tanihara and Namase’s part (Ookimi Kikoe) will be played by actress Saki Takaoka.

(Below is the CM from the stage play.)

Although the majority of the cast from the drama (and stage play) are not from Okinawa, Yukie will be joined by fellow Uchinanchu Gackt and upcoming actress Ayaka Tasaki who plays the younger Mazuru. Images from the NHK drama can be viewed on the Walker plus site.

Wikipedia’s page for Tempest: テンペスト (池上永一).

Official website: NHK BS時代劇「テンペスト」.

(Via @kyankyankyan.)

5 thoughts on “Yukie Nakama to star in the upcoming NHK period drama “Tempest””

  1. I’m disappointed to realize this has nothing to do with Shakespeare’s Tempest (the Okinawan Midsummer Night’s Dream shown at HIFF a year ago was awesome).

    But *super* excited to see this as a TV drama nevertheless. Was sad to be missing the play, so this basically makes up for it.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. @toranosuke I thought the film (Midsummer Night’s Dream) was awesome too. Hoping that Ikegami’s novel will be translated into English.

  3. @キャンキャン Thanks for comment! Looks like it’s a difference in Rōmaji for まづる between Nihon-shiki (Maduru) & Kunrei-shiki (Mazuru). Either one can be used.

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