Ryukyu Golden Kings will be seeking donations for victims of the earthquake and tsunami

Ryukyu Golden Kings and Ryukyu Jusco Co., Ltd. will be seeking donations to help earthquake and tsunami victims in the north east Japan. Monetary donations will be accepted in donation boxes located in all AEON and Max Valu stores in Okinawa from March 13 to March 31. Members of the Kings family to include Players and Staff will be in each of the following stores and will be asking for donations at the scheduled dates and times below:

3/14 Mon 6PM-7PM AEON Naha Store
3/16 Wed 7PM-8PM AEON Gushikawa Store
3/21 Mon 6PM-7PM AEON Haebaru Store
3/23 Wed 7PM-8PM AEON Chatan Store
3/28 Mon 7PM-8PM MaxValu Ajya Store
3/30 Wed 7PM-8PM AEON Nago Store

Visit their website for more info.

(Via @japanupdatejp.)

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