Event: Sennin no Sanshin (Hawaii)

Okinawan musical instrument, Sanshin players can be a part of the 17th Honolulu Festival Grand Parade!

The grand marshal will be Sanshin Master Choichi Terukina-sensei, a National Living Treasure of Japan. Let’s join the parade with Terukina-sensei and play his composition “Mensore.”

The goal of SENNIN NO SANSHIN Project is to have as many sanshin players as possible to participate in this parade.

We want 1,000 sanshin players from Hawaii, mainland USA and Okinawa! […]

(Via Honolulu Festival.)

The awesome thing? They’re serious about having anyone with a sanshin join in by making available the music and kunkunshi of the song. You’ll find them here along with video tutorials. Way to go, guys! (How about having the video available in other formats besides WMV too? People on smartphones will thank you for it.)

8 thoughts on “Event: Sennin no Sanshin (Hawaii)”

  1. So Riccin

    are you going to be in the parade, we will be there slamming the taiko and dying haha

  2. @carmen taira: You’re welcome. I hope you’ll be able to join them for what looks to be an amazing event. 🙂

  3. cool, hope you can make it, its been fun being a part of it, must have lost 5 lbs just marching around the HOC. and marching in place haha

  4. This is awesome! While I can’t be there in person (how I wish I could), I will practice this.

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