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  1. Interesting! I was back in Okinawa from 1989 – 2006. I lived locally and was even trained a tourguide in 1994 for the 50th WWII 1995 Anniversary and later was trained at Meio University in Nago for the G-8 summit. I freelanced as a tourguide for 10 years and I can’t believe I missed these “manholes” 😦 Not walking enough…..

  2. I took the picture (several pictures merged into one). I have about 100 different Japanese Manholes collected so far. This is all I do now, haha. I’m in Tokyo are not just riding the trains around getting more. They are different in every city, and sometimes cities have multiple manhole covers, or even handpainted ones.

  3. @Collen Kelton: There must be many people who don’t notice them so it’s really neat to see your photos. I wonder what else in Japan has its own special design?

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