Ryukyu Shimpo interview (via Power of Okinawa)

Ryukyu Shimpo interview Last month I went to the Ryukyu Shimpo offices in Naha to be interviewed about The Power of Okinawa. The article was published in the 31st December 2010 edition of the newspaper and focuses on the 2nd edition of the book and on my general interest in Okinawa and its music. For those who can read Japanese the article is reprinted below. 沖縄音楽、英語で紹介 英国出身ポッターさん、今年の本ベスト20に2010年12月31日 自著について「沖縄音楽を掘り下げた内容の英語の本はこれが初めてではないか」と語るジョン・ポッターさん=琉球新報社 英国出身の音楽ジャーナ … Read More

via Power of Okinawa

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