iOS app: iOkinawa!


Billing itself as a combination of beautiful Okinawan girls and Okinawan dialect, out of curiosity I installed the free (with ads) iOkinawa! app (link opens iTunes US Store) on my iPhone 4. Developed by Sayobs (Ray Matayoshi) from Tokyo, it looks like it’s their first iOS app made for the iPhone. Released November 10, 2010, it’s currently at version 1.0 and the description on iTunes reads: “Tons of useful Okinawan dialect phrases with beautiful Okinawan girls.”


Since the app is currently made for Japanese, here’s a quick run-down of its features including my simple translations in English:

  1. 基本編 = Basic Guide. Examples: haisai (hello) and mensoore (welcome)
  2. 誘い編 = Invitation Guide. Examples: chuuya hima nan? (are you free today?) and yaasan? (are you hungry?)
  3. デート編 = Date Guide. Examples: maakai ichu ga? (where to?) and guburi matcha ga? (sorry for keeping you waiting)
  4. バイバイ編 = Bye Bye Guide. Examples: fukani shichinachu ga uru (I’ve found someone else) and mou yamato kaichugutu (I must return to Tokyo)
  5. クレジット = Credit

Developer’s website: Last Day. jp

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