Ska Lovers in Naha (via Power of Okinawa)

I met Kanako in Hawaii and I must say she’s quite talented and pretty too. She already has the chops for minyo so it’ll be interesting to see where she takes Ska Lovers. Here’s a link to their Myspace page and to their YouTube channel. Their album, “Lovers Ska ~Song for You,” is available for purchase at the iTunes Store (

Ska Lovers in Naha Last Saturday I was invited to a live show by the band Ska Lovers at the Sakurazaka Central ‘live house’ in Naha. The invitation came from Kenichi Takahashi, who runs the Tokyo record label Respect. He has long supported various roots music from around the world and it was good to see him again on one of his infrequent trips to Okinawa. At the centre of the Ska Lovers project is the DJ and music producer known as DJ Sasa who gathered the musician … Read More

via Power of Okinawa

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