Web: Ryukyu Golden Kings

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I came across this website by accident while reading the latest Japanese baseball news from Japan Times and of course, it was the name of the team that caught my eye: Ryukyu Golden Kings (琉球ゴールデンキングス), a professional basketball team. I think their logo is rather cool too and will surely be picking up a t-shirt if I can find one.

The following is from their website:

The Ryukyu Golden Kings are Okinawa’s first ever professional basketball team. In fact, the Kings are Okinawa’s first ever professional sports team. In a day and age where sports have become ubiquitous in society, the birth of the Ryukyu Kings is a huge milestone for Okinawa. Chosen as an ideal franchise location because of its strong affinity for basketball, Okinawa boasts the largest percentage of middle school basketball players in the nation and has won the national tournament a record 6 times. In addition, the strong influence from the American presence on the island has helped boost the popularity of the sport. For example, NBA telecasts have been broadcast in Okinawa since the 1980s. Similarly, basketball fever is highest in Okinawa city, due in part to the nearby American bases.

Ryukyu Golden Kings official website (English / Japanese)

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