Wallpaper: Yui Aragaki for Tokyo Metro

I was in Osaka so I’m playing catch up today with two, count ’em, two wallpapers from Tokyo Metro featuring Yui Aragaki for their Tokyo Heart campaign.

The first wallpaper is from August 2010 and features Tokyo Dome City in the background.


The second wallpaper is for September 2010 and features Yoyogi Park and Yui is blending into the background like a ninja.


You can download both (as well as the older ones) at Tokyo Metro’s special Tokyo Heart website.

(Via 壁紙fan!)

2 thoughts on “Wallpaper: Yui Aragaki for Tokyo Metro”

  1. Haisai Richie!

    I was using the Tokyo Metro yesterday and I saw these Yui Aragaki posters. Didn’t know they were already available as wallpaper. Thanks! You were in Japan recently? Cool!

  2. Haisai Mark!

    Wow, must be cool to see the actual posters in person — I’d try to buy one if I could. I was recently in Osaka (well, the Kinki region of Japan as well as Shikoku) for a solo samurai & baseball-themed vacation. One of the destinations I didn’t have a chance to fit in was to Taisho-ku in Osaka, which I believe is nicknamed Little Okinawa. Maybe next time. 🙂 And gosh, it was hot in Japan. It was 90° F everyday that I was there but at least it didn’t rain.

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