Asoviva: Resort Instrument Factory

Screen shot 2010-09-15 at 6.06.24 PM.png

Jeremy over at was nice enough to contact us to share links and of course, we said yes! We’ve actually blogged about their other website awhile back (there’s also a commenter to the post who had ordered from them) so it’s nice to hear that they’ve created an English-language website too.

I like it that their website contains information for their shop in Yomitan. It’s always great to order on the internet but there’s peace of mind knowing that they have an actual store too. They also accept all types of payment from PayPal to major credit cards for purchases and ship worldwide.

Visit them on the Web: ASOVIVA.

2 thoughts on “Asoviva: Resort Instrument Factory”

  1. Wow! What a surprise to see them grow so much since I last checked. Yep, the sanshin I ordered from them is still going strong. I like the “freestyle” sanshin idea to make it more accessible to the rest of the world. Good job Asoviva!

  2. @tn: Yes, it’s nice to see them grow and I feel that there’s definitely a void that they’re filling in selling the sanshin to those outside of Okinawa/Japan.

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