Film: “Minami no Shima no Furimun”

The film’s poster at Consolidated Theatres Pearlridge West 16.

Minami no Shima no Furimun” (also called “Furimun’s Paradise” or “Furimun in Okinawa“) is the 2009 directorial debut of comedian/actor Gori of the comedy duo Garage Sale. Gori, who also stars in the film as its main character Eisho (the furimun), also gets credit for writing the film as well. (A synopsis of the film can be found on AsianMediaWiki.)

The film trailer.

Rounding out the rest of the main cast:

  • Masaru (a father figure & friend of Eisho’s) played by Masao Teruya
  • Rimi (Masaru’s daughter & Eisho’s friend) played by former Folder/Folder5 member AKINA
  • Hitoshi (Eisho’s best friend) played by Daisuke Moromizato of the comedy duo Ham.
  • Masaru’s wife is played by Kanako Fukuda
  • Hitoshi’s mom is played by Yoko Tanaka
  • Kinjo-sensei played by Tomi Taira

Making appearances in the film are Rimi Natsukawa as the saataa andagi fortune-teller, ISSA (DA PUMP) as a bartender, KEN (formerly of DA PUMP) as a bar’s door person, Taeko Yoshida as a bar’s mama, and Hiroki Kawata (Gori’s partner in Garage Sale) as a referee.

The film is currently screening at Consolidated Theatres Pearlridge West 16.

You’ll find some film trivia as well as a look at the music featured in the film after the jump.


  • There’s a guy who’s supposed to be Tom Cruise in the film who is first seen working at the bar as a bartender but is always messing up making cocktails (Cruise’s film “Cocktail”) and later dressed as an Air Force officer (Cruise’s film “Top Gun”). At the end of the film he’s seen at Hitoshi’s taco restaurant with the very tall “Nicole” (Kidman).
  • Eisho’s adversary, American solider Max, is played by Bobby Ologun who is from Nigeria and is well-known in Japan.
  • The Okinawan-English Wordbook’s definition of furimun is: n. A madman; a fool; a crazy. The film describes the word as a darling fool (愛すべきおバカさん). Eisho’s the furimun but it can also describe the entire cast as well.


The film’s ending song is sung by Rimi Natsukawa and is titled “Unju no Furusato (ウンジュの原点)” with the lyrics penned by Gori and the music composed by Chiharu Tamashiro of Kiroro.

The funky rock song that’s played in the movie is the 2008 debut single “Haiji (ハイジ)” from the 5-piece band from Okinawa, ZUKAN. The song is on their 1st album “Gold” and can be purchased online from (affiliate link). The band also makes an appearance in the film at Hitoshi’s taco restaurant.

The beautiful Okinawan minyo song in the film during Eisho’s training with Kinjo-sensei is by Masae Nakada (仲田まさえ) and it’s called “Taiyou to Ryoufuu/Suzukaze (太陽と涼風).” The lyrics for the song were written by Masae and the music composed by Tetsuo Maekawa (前川哲男). The song was produced by Hidekatsu (日出克).

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