asoviva34’s cover of Jack Johnson’s “Flake”

One way to get our attention is to send us a video of your playing a sanshin (check) and a very big plus is to play a song from an artist we’re big fans of here (check). So without further ado, here’s asoviva34 playing his sanshin arrangement of Jack Johnson’s “Flake.”

Interestingly enough, asoviva34’s homepage is which sells sanshin that can be shipped to anywhere in the world! Uh-huh that’s what we’re talkin’ about — way to go guys!

7 thoughts on “asoviva34’s cover of Jack Johnson’s “Flake””

  1. @tn: Thank you for leaving a comment. I’d love to hear about your experience with the store and share it on the site.

  2. Since this is my first sanshin, I don’t really have much to say in terms of quality but it feels and sounds good. The purchase itself went smoothly. I paid on the website and received the sanshin on my doorstep 2 weeks later. It was fairly affordable at $350USD for a middle of the line quality, fabric sanshin. I liked this one area of the site where they have videos of them playing a song or two on every sanshin model they sell. It really goes to show that each sanshin has its individual sound. I recommend them but then again I don’t have other experiences to compare to so take that as you will!

  3. @tn: Thank you for sharing your experience with I, too, like the area of the site with video clips of the sanshin they sell. I think this is a great way for sanshin groups outside of Okinawa (or Japan) to buy sanshin and sanshin accessories. Chibariyo with your sanshin playing! 🙂

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