Catching up on news from Tokyograph

Stereopony at AnimeNEXT in New Jersey

This will be the band’s first performance at an American anime convention. However, they have played in the United States before: in 2009, they performed at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas.

[…] Their concert will be on June 18, and they also plan to hold a panel and autograph sessions.

Gackt moves to Avex, may tour Europe

Singer Gackt (36) has announced that he has just signed with Avex. His first single under that label is scheduled for June 16, though details are still unknown.

Aya Ueto, Go Morita in long relationship

Aya Ueto (24) and V6 member Go Morita (31) are reportedly a couple. Rumors of the pair have been around since 2002, but there has been no confirmation of it until this week, when Ueto acknowledged that she is currently in a relationship.

YUKINARI settles divorce

Former DA PUMP member YUKINARI (31) is now officially divorced. He and former talento/pro wrestler Natsu Nishida (27) have been in divorce arbitration since 2007.


YUKINARI left DA PUMP in December 2008, and since then he has started a new project with former groupmate KEN, who left DA PUMP in December 2009. Nishida, on the other hand, has been retired from show business since around the start of her marriage, but she signed with a new agency this month and appears to be preparing for a comeback as an actress.

Kamiji stars as fugitive lawyer in ‘Toubou Bengoshi’

Talento Yusuke Kamiji (31) has been given his first starring role in a television drama series. He will lead the tentatively titled “Toubou Bengoshi,” based on the manga “Toubou Bengoshi Narita Makoto” that was serialized between 2007 and 2008.

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