The OGsband “Chibariyo”

“Chibariyo” from The OGsband (from their YouTube channel) is really catchy.

Here’s a short biography of the band via their MySpace Music page:

We are 3 Americans that decided to make Okinawa our home. After playing in various cover bands here, we decided to join forces and start an original acoustic band. So far, so good. We are currently in the process of recording more demo songs to upload and hopefully, we can record a CD in 2010. You can hear some of the songs that may be included on that CD on our music player or click on one of the below videos. Let us know what you think. Thanks.

僕たちは沖縄を自分たちのホームタウンに活動する事に決めた3人です。沖縄でいろいろな曲をカバーしているうちにオリジナルアコースチックバンドを始めることに決めました。曲はロック、フォークソング、カントリー、ブルース、そして沖縄調を合わせもつ曲です。 カバーソングの演奏はリクエストに対応できます。 曲は、一晩で3セット〔各45分〕用意しています。スケジュールなどはぜひ下のサイトでご覧ください。

Check out the OGsband on MySpace Music. Chibariyo guys!

2 thoughts on “The OGsband “Chibariyo””

  1. Thanks for the kind words and spreading the word. We hope to keep writing songs about Okinawa.

  2. much respect for what you’re doing over there OGs.
    next time i’m over there, hope to catch you live!

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