Introducing’s kunkunshi database

Screen shot 2010-01-26 at 7.13.16 PM.png

Upon hearing of’s kunkunshi database my first thought was “cool, there’s finally a website that makes available kunkunshi for all to enjoy.” But, alas, the website is actually a database for existing kunkunshi books. Still, it’s a great way to search for a song to find out which kunkunshi book it’s in to save you time with your collection at home or if you’re out shopping for one.

All we can hope for in the near future is to see these book companies take the next step and go digital for say, Apple’s iPad. 😉

Sanshin Kunkunshi Database (三線工工四データベース)

1 thought on “Introducing’s kunkunshi database”

  1. Awesome. That’s a pretty good resource for those looking for kunkunshi. Bookmarked!

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