Meisa Kuroki in Yajima Biyoshitsu movie

[…] The parody group consists of the Yajima family, which is a 37-year-old mother named Margaret (played by Tunnels’ Noritake Kinashi), plus her 12-year-old daughter Strawberry (played by Tunnels’ Takaaki Ishibashi) and 18-year-old daughter Naomi (played by DJ OZMA). So far, the only known detail of the group’s history is that they came from Nevada to search for Margaret’s missing Japanese husband. The movie, titled “Yajima Biyoshitsu THE MOVIE ~Yume wo Tsukama Nevada~,” will flesh out their story.

Meisa Kuroki (21) will reportedly play Strawberry’s rival. Child actress Ayaka Wilson (12) has also been cast. Filming is already in progress, and distributor Shochiku is aiming for a Golden Week release. […]

(Via Tokyograph.)

Meisa’s film and music career is really taking off and it looks like she’s set to have a big 2010.

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