KunKun4 Editor – Simple Sanshin Source

Screen shot 2009-11-18 at 8.44.13 PM.png

Wow, this is pretty cool. KunKun4 Editor is a Flash-based Web app that lets you create your own kunkunshi to be saved to your PC or emailed to a friend. I played around with it a little and it seems to work very well.

(Via Simple Sanshin Source.)

3 thoughts on “KunKun4 Editor – Simple Sanshin Source”

  1. Richie, This is what I am in need of to write new music for my students! How does this work? Can you email me the info? Yoroshiku!

    Btw- It was awesome seeing you, your brother and sister in law perform your “Tii- Tu Ti” songat the Legacy Banquet! I bet your dad ( honoree)was very shocked to see that!..Your mom must have had tears…Omedetou!!

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