Shakespeare in Okinawa

Long a fan of HIFF (Hawaii International Film Festival), I’m happy to see a Spotlight on Okinawa for this year’s festival. Three films shot on location in Okinawa will be shown: “Gunjou (Cobalt Blue),” “Manatsu no Yo no Yume (A Midsummer’s Okinawan Dream)” and “Nada Sou Sou (Tears for You).”

While the three films featured in the Spotlight on Okinawa were filmed on location in Okinawa, the lead actors are not from Okinawa — though they’re represented in supporting roles (mainly Tomi Taira in “Manatsu no Yo no Yume” and “Nada Sou Sou,” and Mitsuru Tamaki in “Manatsu no Yo no Yume” and “Gunjou”).

The film I’m really looking forward to is “Manatsu no Yo no Yume.” The film was directed by Yuji Nakae — a name that should be familiar to Okinawa films fans — who gave us “Nabii no Koi” and “Hotel Hibiscus.”

You’ll find the trailers to the films after the break.

“Manatsu no Yo no Yume – A Midsummer’s Okinawan Dream”
Directed by Yuji Nakae, Japan 2009
Official Website

“Gunjou (Cobalt Blue)”
Directed by Yosuke Nakagawa, Japan 2009
Official Website

“Nada Sou Sou”
Directed by Nobuhiro Doi, Japan 2006
Official Website

In addition to the three films, you’ll find several films with Uchinānchu actresses:

I think it’s great that HIFF has included a Spotlight on Okinawa in addition to the films from Japan and I hope we’ll see it every year. So why not support the festival by becoming a part of the HIFF Ohana? (I’ve been a member for 10+ years.)

2 thoughts on “Shakespeare in Okinawa”

  1. Thanks for letting me (us) know about this!

    Gunjou looks perhaps a bit too sad, too emotional for my tastes; I’ve already seen Nada sousou, but I’ve been wanting to see Midsummer Night’s Dream (Okinawa version) for some time now, and so it’s exciting that the opportunity will come to see it in a real theater as part of a film festival.

    Very exciting.

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