1. Hey Richie sorry you missed tis years fetival!….it was a very long weekend for me,I had to jikata for tamagusuku ryu teda no kai miyagi keiko ryubu dojo and ryuseikai along wiht my okinawa minyo kyokai/urizub minyo group then to the bon dance on sat ans the finale kachashii on sunday!… Tokuhara Seibun sensei , Hirara and the ROK members came to our hotel for dinner so well played till around 10pm….miss you jamming with us!

  2. Hi Ichiro-sensei! First time in 10+ years that I didn’t go to the festival. It felt weird but it was a nice vacation from the usual Labor Day weekend. Sounds like you were really busy and had a lot of fun too. 🙂 Wow, I would’ve loved to have been at the jam session w/ Seibun-sensei and Hirara. Must’ve been awesome! Miss jamming with you guys too. 😦

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