Web: Minami Sanshin-ten

Screen shot 2009-08-31 at 6.21.17 PM.png

If you’re into finding out more about the sanshin, head on over to the Minami Sanshin-ten blog for photos of their order-made sanshin. You’ll find a lot of great photos featuring different styles of sanshin (Makabii, Chinin Deeku, Kuba nu Funi, Yunaa), videos and photos of sanshin in different stages of development. You can also follow them on Twitter @m34t.

1 thought on “Web: Minami Sanshin-ten”

  1. はじめぃてぃうがなびら
    くぬ度や、みなみ三線店ブログ紹介してぃ うたびみそーち いっぺーにふぇーでーびたん
    くゎいぐゎい発送のしーよう わかやびらんしが 勉強さびーごぅとぅ ゆたしくうぬげーさびら。

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