Okinawan music collections on iTunes (it’s growing, slowly)

It was quite awhile ago when we found the wonderful Okinawan music colletion “Respect Records Presents Okinawa Best Song Collection” on iTunes and since then we’ve found two more. Titled “Okinawa Traditional,” (iTunes link) the 16-track collection from the High Wave label features top utasaa (Okinawan folk singer) like Seijin Noborikawa, Sadao China, Tetsuhiro Daiku, Yoshikazu Nago, Misako Oshiro, and Keiko Kinjo. Whereas the first find is a collection of traditional songs, our second find, from Respect Record, is a mixture of new and traditional songs. “Sanshin de Kikitai Okinawa Minyou Best 15,” (iTunes link) is a 15-track collection featuring the next generation of top musicians Tooru Yonaha and Ayano Uema to established musicians like Hirokazu Matsuda and Minoru Kinjo. Of this album, Tooru Yonaha’s “Uchinaa Sanba” (1st track) is one of my favorites of his compositions.

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