Chimugukuru: A Celebration of the Heart, Soul and Spirit of Hawaii’s Okinawan Community


Come join us for Chimugukuru: A Celebration of the Heart, Soul and Spirit of Hawaii’s Okinawan Community (featuring storyteller Alton Chung) on Saturday, October 24th at the Hawaii Okinawa Center. 100% of proceeds from this celebration support the Hawaii United Okinawan Association and Ikuyu Madin (HUOA Capital Campaign). The event runs from 1 pm to 9 pm, headlined by two special storytelling programs. Join us for some or all of the special events planned for the day.

Uchinanchu, come learn about your heritage and explore what it means to be Okinawan. Uchinanchu-at-Heart, come learn about Okinawa and become a part of the Hawaii Okinawa community.


Doors open at Noon for open seating for General Admission ($20) and Reserved Section ($30) tickets. Platinum tickets ($100) guarantees a reserved seat in the front section, a parking stall at the HOC and $70 tax-deduction. There are a limited number of these tickets and they’re selling fast!

Tickets for just the Obake Tales ($5) are also available. Entry allowed from 4:30 pm.

We are expecting a sold out performance, so buy your tickets now! Tickets will be on sale at the Okinawan Festival in the Capital Campaign Tent and the HOC.


Nuchi du Takara (1:00 pm-3:30 pm)
Stories are important. They have the capacity to reflect, unite and mobilize a community. They can inspire and they can teach. Nuchi du Takara tells five riveting historical stories of astounding integrity, courage and selflessness. Performed by award-winning storyteller Alton Chung, the stories share the experiences of Okinawans and Hawaii Okinawans during WWII.

Also featuring: Frances Nakachi (Tamagusuku Ryu Senjukai Frances Nakachi Ryubu Dojo) and Derek Ichiro Shiroma (Okinawa Minyo Kyokai Derek Ichiro Shiroma Kenkyusho).

Nuchi du Takara brings to life important stories that define our community, exemplifying the attitudes, values and heart that make being a part of this community special.

These historically accurate stories bridge the past to the present and bring to life incredible heroes to inspire and guide a new generation. These are the stories we need to pass down to our children and grandchildren.


Cultural Events, Activities & Talk Story (3:30 pm-6:45 pm)
A continuous series of events are scheduled, including:

  • Sanshin, taiko and dance performances
  • Hairiest legs, Okinawan whistling and uchinaguchi challenge contests
  • Demos of Kachashi and Okinawan whistling
  • Alton Chung will perform Voices: Takejiro Higa’s Story from his Okage Sama de program
  • There will be a host of short lectures
  • Food: Bake sale, Andagi! and a variety of food booths


Obake Tales (7 pm)
Just in time for Halloween, Alton Chung will regale us with haunting Okinawan, Japanese and Hawaiian ghost stories.


Visit for updates and additional information.

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