Meisa Kuroki to star in Oshii’s “Assault Girls”

Director Mamoru Oshii’s newest project is ‘Assault Girls,’ his first feature-length live-action film since ‘Avalon’ in 2001. The sci-fi action story will star Meisa Kuroki (21), Rinko Kikuchi (28), and Hinako Saeki (32).

Oshii previously directed two short films with the ‘assault girl’ theme. The first, titled ‘Assault Girl: Kentucky no Hinako,’ was a segment in Oshii’s 2007 omnibus movie ‘Shin Onna Tachiguishi Retsuden’ and starred Saeki. The second, ‘ASSAULT GIRL2,’ was part of last year’s ‘Kiru ~ KILL’ omnibus and starred Kikuchi.

In ‘Assault Girls,’ the three lead actresses play assault rifle-wielding hunters fighting monsters known as ‘sand whales’ in a desert battlefield.


(Link: Oshii directing feature-length “Assault Girls” – Tokyograph)

I enjoyed “Avalon” and Rinko is one of my favorite actresses (of course I’m a fan of Meisa too) so I’m looking forward to this one.

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