alan sings for Kusanagi’s “Ballad” – Tokyograph

Singer alan (21) will be providing the theme song for Takashi Yamazaki’s upcoming movie, ‘Ballad: Namonaki Koi no Uta’ (opening September 5). Although she sang the theme songs for the two ‘Red Cliff’ movies, this is her first time doing one for a Japanese film.

The movie, which started shooting last year, is an adaptation of the plot in the 2002 animated feature ‘Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi wo Yobu Appare! Sengoku Daikassen.’ Set in the Sengoku era, it tells the love story between a general (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) and a princess (Yui Aragaki).

alan’s song will share the movie’s title, ‘Ballad: Namonaki Koi no Uta.’ It will be released as a single on September 2.

(Link: alan sings for Kusanagi’s “Ballad” – Tokyograph.)

Following her last appearance in the drama “Smile,” is Yui Aragaki’s first film in 2009. Unfortunately, there’s no trailer up on the official movie website for us to see Yui dollied up as a princess. “Ballad” will begin its roadshow on September 5, 2009.


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