Long-awaited debut album from Sadahito China


Gosh, I think this release is more than a decade in the making and I believe it’ll be well-worth the wait. Sadahito has for years, been one of the backup musicians for O-pop quartet Nenes, is also the second son of legendary utasaa Sadao China. So I’ve always thought it strange that it took so long to see a solo album release for him. In a way, I guess it shows that he’s ready to stand on his own as a musician as he’s definitely paid his dues despite having the strong influence of his father always looming in the background. But, I digress.

The album, titled “Shimauta Hangaku,” will have a total of 13 tracks of minyou standards which will definitely be interesting to match-up with his father’s songs. “Shimauta Hangaku” (DCA-0008) goes on sale on May 31, 2009, and is priced at a reasonable ¥2,000. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to track it at online stores like cdjapan.co.jp at this time but believe that it’ll be available at tower.jp and at Amazon.co.jp when it’s released. (I’m basing this on the fact that Kanako Hatoma’s albums, also from the DIG label, are currently on sale at both locations.)

(Via F★blog.)

1 thought on “Long-awaited debut album from Sadahito China”

  1. Thanks for the info, sometimes it is really hard to find some of the better artist at the usual online stores so I appreciate the suggestions to the other resources I will try them.

    It will be a hard wait until May 31st until this album comes out

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