H&MC reveals new vocalist – Tokyograph

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR has announced the addition of a new female vocalist. The 21-year-old HALCA, hailing from Okinawa, is filling the gap left by former member Maki. Maki left in October due to her marriage with Masato Nakamura of DREAMS COME TRUE.

(Link: “H&MC reveals new vocalist – Tokyograph.”)

So, we finally have a name and yeah, I first thought of Halca from HALCALI (one of my favorite artists) upon seeing how the new singer romaji’d her name. While I’m dying to hear what she sounds like, we have some info on her via the band’s website:

  • Goes by her first name, HALCA
  • She was born on June 11, 1988
  • Her blood type is AB
  • She’s a Gemini
  • She was born in Okinawa (no village listed tho)
  • Her hobby is playing guitar (maybe we’ll see her play acoustic guitar?)
  • Her favorite artists are Brody Dalle and Kurt Cobain (hmm, we know she’s definitely not pop)

Now we wait for the release of a new HandMC single featuring HALCA.

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