Aya Ueto lands her first ‘Getsu 9’ heroine role

Starring in J-drama since 1999, it’s hard to believe that Aya Ueto will only be starring in her first “Getsu-Ku (月9)” heroine role. The yet untitled drama will also star Masahiro Nakai of SMAP and begin airing in April.

(Via Yahoo! Japan.)

2 thoughts on “Aya Ueto lands her first ‘Getsu 9’ heroine role”

  1. I’m extremely extatic and happy for her. I’ve always loved Aya Ueto, and she deserves nothing but the best in my opinion. Furthermore, I feel she is very under rated currently as opposed to the other female idols, and surely if one looks closely, they would see that it’s in fact due to several factors that are all but talent related; meaning lately ratings on other Japanese female idols has been soley on sexual appeal rather than talent, and the one thing Aya Ueto has that the majority doesn’t is raw and real acting talent.

    I hope one day that I would have the chance to meet her in person, she is such a wonderful individual, and captivating… allthough this is highly unlikely due to her stardom status. She just strikes me as such a laid back individual that respects to have her privacy and personal moments kept out of the limelight; very much like myself in many ways. None the less, I am very happy she’s landed a new role, specifically a serious drama role. I’ll be excited to see Aya in a role as a heroine, I believe Aya Ueto will get a chance to shine as well as re-establish herself where she fits best, at the top!

    Congradulations Aya, wherever you are!

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