Gori to be in Yoshimoto Kogyo’s new idol group

Management agency Yoshimoto Kogyo has launched a new idol group named Murasaki Shikibu, featuring five of its popular comedians. The unit consists of Sekai no Nabeatsu (as the leader), both members of Ameagari Kesshitai (Hiroyuki Miyasako and Toru Hotohara), Cocorico’s Naoki Tanaka, and Garage Sale’s Gori (emphasis is ours – karakui.com).

Murasaki Shikibu made their stage debut with a performance in Shinjuku on Sunday. The members’ hairstyles drew comparisons to the Johnny’s Jimusho group Hikaru Genji, but instead of performing with roller skates, they took the stage on stilts instead.

Their debut single ‘LOVE Nandayo,’ written and composed by Nabeatsu, goes on sale this Wednesday.

(Link: Sekai no Nabetsu heads new idol group.)

Looks like Gori’s going all-out this year or is it Yoshimoto Kogyo that’s working him to the bone? Either way, it’s a great thing for fans of the comedian who’ll be seeing a lot of him this year.

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