Happy New Year!

Happy New Year dear Karakui.com readers! While we’re still less than five hours from 2009 here in humid Hawaii, in Okinawa, it’s already the new year. So here’s wishing you all the best in 2009 and thank you for visiting Karakui.com. 🙂

It’s been a pretty amazing year—Karakui.com’s third anniversary is this month—that saw us reach over 100,000 hits with our biggest day on 10/15/08 with 466 hits. It’s been a steady climb up with total hits of 147 in 2006; 31,158 in 2007; and 76,070 in 2008. It’s a shame that we didn’t have an opportunity to track our stats while at Okinawa.com/.ws and when we were called the Okinawan Music Project and at OkinawanMusic.org. Anyhoo, it’s geeky to be stuck in these stats so I’ll end here before I bore you all.

Best regards,

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