HY’s “366日” used as the theme song to “Akai Ito”

If you should know the name of at least one indie label band from Okinawa along with all of the other things you’ve accumulated in your mind for 2008, know HY. The band, despite their continued popularity, remain unsigned to a major label (by choice) and have released a total of five albums in a range of eight years (2001-2008). Their latest album, “HeartY,” includes the song “366 Nichi” which is currently featured on the J-drama and the film version of “Akai Ito.”

It’s a wonderful ballad sung by Izumi Nakasone (the band has two main vocals, the other is Hideyuki Shinzato) and it’s currently streaming on the band’s official website or check it out on YouTube (you’ll have to do a little searching around to find it tho). Also check them out on MySpace.com.

3 thoughts on “HY’s “366日” used as the theme song to “Akai Ito””

  1. I usually don?t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful ?

  2. Looks like I was a bit late on this one but it’s really a good post. I’m thinking about a reply on my site . . .

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