Siori (しおり)


I recall hearing about a singer from Okinawa who had made the jump as an indie artist to a major label and it’s funny that I’d stumble upon her via the U.S. iTunes store. Siori (alt. Shiori) is a 21 year-old J-pop singer-songwriter from Shuri who made her indie debut with the 2006 single “Smile” (watch the clip on YouTube down below) which was used as the CM song for Itoen’s Sanpincha drink (the official tea of Talk about making a tasty debut (pun intended).

Her major label (Capitol Music Japan) debut came a year later with the August 2007 single “Heart Flower/Yakusoku” and a rerelease of the single “Smile” on November 2007. In July of this year she released her first album titled “Aozora” and her third single, “Towa/sweety,” was just released on December 3rd.

If you like Kiroro, give Siori a listen and I’m sure you’ll like her music. Siori’s indie debut single, “Smile,” is available at the U.S. iTunes Store (link opens iTunes)—DRM-free to boot.

Official Website
Official Blog

3 thoughts on “Siori (しおり)”

  1. Haisai Richie,

    I saw Shiori perform earlier this year at the Haisai Festival in Kawasaki City. She’s a really nice, down-to-earth kind of girl and she had a warm rapport with the audience. Now I regret not buying a signed copy of the CD she was selling at the time. A couple of months ago or so I saw her on TV. She was a guest performer on one of the music shows. Looks like her fan base is increasing. I’m happy for her. It’s good to see her on your blog. Keep up the good work.


  2. I’ve seen Sayori (that’s how they spell it in Okinawa) perform several times, most recently last August in Naha. I agree with everything Mark says about her. She’s very pretty, has an excellent singing voice and exudes warmth and humility. Unlike Mark, I made a point of buying her CD and getting her autograph. I think I’ve got all of her CDs now.

  3. @Mark and @Myron: To have the thumbs up from both of you is definitely great news for the artist. Her EP has been in my iTunes shopping cart but it’s being purchased as of today. 😉 Nifee deebitan for the comments.

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