MINA to rejoin MAX!

After leaving MAX in 2002, original member MINA has returned to the group filling in the spot left by the exit of AKI back in August of this year (who ironically took her place). In 2002, MINA left the group to raise her child (she now has two children) and since last year has been active locally in Okinawa as a dance instructor for the audition show “Okinawan Aidoru (Idol)” on RBC. (“Okinawan Aidoru” featured Takako Uehara [SPEED] and comedy duo Kyan x Kyan as MC.)

To mark MINA’s return to the group, a new single titled “Are you ready?” is scheduled to be released on December 10th as a bonus track on their latest compilation album “NEW EDITION~MAXIMUM HITS~.” This won’t be just a rerelease, but rather, new arrangements and a new sound of their mega hit songs. The CD, available in two versions, can be pre-ordered at CD Japan: CD+DVD or CD-only.

MAX Official Website

(Via goo Entertainment News.)

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