“Amawari, the Lord of Kimutaka Spirit” coming to Hawaii

From the flyer:

“Kimutaka no Amawari”
Lord of noble soul Kimutaka no Amawari is a Kumiodori musical performed by more than 100 junior and senior high school students from Katsuren, Uruma. It is the story of Amawari, Lord of Katsuren Castle in the days of war in Okinawa 550 years ago.

Date: Sunday, November 23, 2008
Time: 1 PM and 6 PM
Place: Hawaii Okinawa Center
Tickets & Information: Hawaii United Okinawa Association 808.676.5400.

4 thoughts on ““Amawari, the Lord of Kimutaka Spirit” coming to Hawaii”

  1. Now everyone is talking about the American economy and eclections, nice to read something different. Eugene

  2. Hi Richie: I took the HUOA 2008 Study Tour to see “Kimutaka No Amawari” at the beautiful Ginowan Convention Center Theater. They all loved it. Men and women on the tour confessed to crying while witnessing such a powerful performance by all 120 students. Even some of the cast members were crying during the final introductions. The Hawaii gang was also treated to a pre-show concert by Alberto Shiroma! He sang a duet with Daiichi Hirata (played the sanshin) to song that Daiichi wrote years ago, “Kaze No Michi” what a beautiful song! I need to find the Diamantes album that has it. He also sang “Sanshin No Katate Ni” to commemorate the 2001 World Uchinanchu Festival. I had a nice conversation with him and we’ll see if I can bring him to Hawaii in 2009! I’m thinking of trying to coordinate a benefit concert featuring 3-4 Okinawan artists for 2009. Wish me luck!
    Happy Halloween everyone!

  3. @Eugene: Thanks for the comment.

    @Jon Itomura: Wow! I haven’t seen Diamantes or Alberto live although I own several CDs of the group. Must’ve been awesome! Wishing you a lot of luck for that benefit concert in 2009 too. 🙂

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