Special guest this Wednesday at OTW

Off the Wall chef Grant “Sandaa” Murata sensei (of the Afuso Ryu Gensei Kai Hawaii) emailed to let us know that they have a special guest this Wednesday (10/15) at the restaurant. The special guest is a friend of his who lived in Hawaii about 30 years ago and often performed at the old Club Hanagasa. So who is this special guest you ask? Hint: She’s part of the legendary band Champloose and is the leader’s (Shoukichi Kina) sister. If you guessed Keiko Kina you’re right!

According to Sandaa-sensei, Keiko has started her own group consisting of her son and grandchildren who will all be in attendance this Wednesday night. Gensei Kai will open and Sandaa-sensei says Keiko’s son is a shredder (Jimi Hendrix) on the sanshin.

For more information, check out our previous post on the OTW live shows or call the restaurant at 808-486-9255. See you there!

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