Stereo Pony to be the next big artist out of Okinawa?


I’ve seen a few of them come and go but can J-rock girl band Stereo Pony be the next big artist out of Okinawa in following the gigantic footsteps of ORANGE RANGE (OR) and HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR (HandMC)? If history is any indication, the answer should be a resounding yes, they can and that’s all due to having their debut single, “Hitohira no Hanabira” as the ending theme to the popular manga/anime series BLEACH.

Can you correctly guess the name of the artists who had their single featured as a theme song on BLEACH? If you guessed OR and HandMC, you’re right and you’re awesome for knowing that. 😉 OR’s single “*~Asterisk,” the band’s 9th release, was the first opening theme song (episodes 1-25) for the anime and HandMC’s “Ichirin no Hana,” the band’s 6th single, was featured in episodes 52-74 and we already know how popular these bands have become. I should also mention Kousuke Atari’s single “Tane o Maku Hibi” which was the ending theme song for episodes 144-154.

Another factor that should help Stereo Pony make the jump to the mainstream is that they’re backed by Sony Records, just as OR and HandMC are, so promotion of the trio shouldn’t be a problem. The band, who are all 18 year-olds, are AIMI (vocals/guitar) from Naha, NOHANA (bass) from Nagasaki, and SHIHO (drums) from Nago. The single hits store shelves on 11/5/08.

A live performance of Stereo Pony performing “Hitohira no Hanabira” can be viewed on on YouTube.

The band’s official website: Stereo Pony (ステレオポニー).


6 thoughts on “Stereo Pony to be the next big artist out of Okinawa?”

  1. i hope so that song is great hope they come up great okinawan have great artist hope so soon jun here

  2. Imo they have a big opportunity to go big… Debut single in a popular anime series will definitely give them a boost. Signed by Sony too… And well since Bleach is shounen, ie aimed at teenage boys… well lets just say their looks will also get em somewhere too, esp. Aimi XD.

  3. eh..there bleach song is nice
    cant wait til there new song comes out in April which was written by YUI

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