A trio of upcoming singles to look out for

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR’sRemember,” marked for a 10/15/08 release, will be the band’s last single featuring their lead singer Maakii—who, after announcing her marriage to DREAMS COME TRUE’s bassist Masato Nakamura this past June, will retire from the band.

O-pop duo Yanawarabaa will be releasing their 9th single, “Present,” on 11/5/08. “Present” follows the single “Sakura” which was released in February of this year and their upcoming cover album—which looks fantastic, by the way—”Nagiuta” set for a 9/17/08 release.

This brings us to the last of the trio of singles to look out for, ORANGE RANGE’sOshare Bancho feat. Soy Sauce.” Believe it or not (well, it is fact), “Oshare Bancho feat. Soy Sauce” will be the band’s 20th single since making their major label debut with 2003’s “Kirikirimai.”

(Via CDJapan’s email newsletter.)

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