New Kazumi Tamaki CD to be released on 9/25/08!


Have you heard of the Okinawan word churakaagii? Well, the very handy Okinawan-English Wordbook ( link) defines the word as “a beauty; a belle; a pretty girl; a good-looking woman.” All of these describe utasaa Kazumi Tamaki and to top it off, she’s super nice in person too.

Anyway, before I go on about Kazumi, she has a new album out this month (9/25/08) called “Haru ya Kariyushi” on BCY Nnarufon. The 15-track album features her singing partner, utasaa great Koichi Kamiya, and was also produced by the pair.

Kazumi’s last (and I think only) solo album, “Tin’in,” was released 11 years ago in 1997 so to say that “Haru ya Kariyushi” was a long time in the making is an understatement. The album includes a couple of her previous hit songs (“Haru ya Haru” and “Heiwa no Negai”) and is priced at ¥2,800.

(Via Campus Record Staff blog.)

3 thoughts on “New Kazumi Tamaki CD to be released on 9/25/08!”

  1. Got to see her when I went in April and last month ( August)…and Yup Ippei Churakaagi!….

  2. I had several videos saved on YouTube of Tamaki Kazumi and now all are gone. I can’t seem to find anything about her. She’s so enchanting. Please tell me where I can find her music.

    I especially enjoyed her rendition of Miyarbi Yunta, and Miitubuni with her father. Why is nothing available from her? Please tell me where I can find her beautiful music.

    Thank you,

    Mike Keel

  3. @Mike Keel: Kazumi’s CDs can be purchased online from ( There are a few YouTube clips of Kazumi with frequent collaborator Kouichi Kamiya (

    I definitely agree with you on there not being easy access to Okinawan music. The majority of artists are on indie record labels so many albums go out of print (well, the same can be said of albums on major record labels too).

    I’ll keep searching and keep you updated.

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