New BEGIN single, “Ichariba Ohana,” gets a release date!

The J-blues trio known as BEGIN have been pretty busy this year with TV appearances (even making an appearance on the popular music show HEY!³ last month), their nationwide “BEGIN no Ichigo Ichie Concert 2008” tour, and they already have a new single set to be released on 10/22/08. The single, called “Ichariba Ohana,” will have a tie-in with the Disney Channel’s new anime “Stitch!” (from the Disney movie “Lilo & Stitch“) with the setting in Okinawa instead of Hawaii.

Of course, it’s awesome that this’ll be a new single from BEGIN but I’ll add an exciting bit of information: utasaa Kanako Hatoma is a featured artist on the second track, “Izayoiyoi.” They’ve even done one of those BEGIN featuring Hatoma Kanako thing which is all the rage in Japan now. The five track single is priced at ¥1,000 and can be pre-ordered at CDJapan.

(Via CDJapan newsletter.)

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