Yukie Nakama to star in the film “Watashi wa Kai ni Naritai”

Yukie Nakama will be in the film “Watashi ni Kai ni Naritai” which is set to be released in Japanese theaters on 11/22/08. She plays the wife of the main character played by Masahiro Nakai of the J-pop group SMAP. Directing the film is Katsuo Fukuzawa who isn’t a stranger to Okinawa having done the TV special “Satoukibi Batake no Uta” and he was set to direct the film “Nada Sou Sou” but had to pull-out after falling ill in the middle of filmng.

The story deals with a man (Nakai) unjustly sentenced to death as a war criminal. Kusanagi plays a fellow prisoner awaiting execution. His role is minor, however, and his scenes were shot in two days during March.

(Via Tokyograph.)

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