OMG! Ayano Uema to release a new album?


One of our favorite utasaa (唄者) here at, Ayano Uema, announced (well, it was more of a blurb) on her blog that she just completed shooting photos for a “new CD.” Now whether that means it’s a CD that she’s featured in or if it’s her own album remains to be seen but further evidence can be found in the image above (via her blog) on the lower left-hand corner that reads “Majun Record.” Ayano’s last album, “Negaiboshi,” (Nnarufon Record) was released in 2006 and featured a total of eight tracks (most penned by her).

Unfortunately, googling “majun record” (or in Japanese: まじゅんレコード) resulted in one big bad dead end. We’ll be blogging about this again once everything is confirmed.

Oh, she’s even designed her own t-shirt too. God, we love her.

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