New album from Parsha cluB on 10/3/08!!!


OK, I’m sounding like a broken record here what with all of the great releases coming out at the second half of 2008 but Parsha cluB is one of our favorite O-pop acts and god we’ve been waiting for this one. “PapiRu” will be Parsha cluB’s first album in six years following the release of their best-of double album “Batanchi” in 2002 and also marks their 15th anniversary. The album will have a total of 15 tracks running 72 minutes! Papiru is the Yaeyama word for butterfly but yeah, they could’ve named it anything and we’d be sure to buy it.

Also worth mentioning is a special project from Parsha cluB’s lead man Yukito Ara who released a single with Miyako Island musician Shimoji Isamu called “SAKISHIMA meeting.” The single is currently only available for sale in Okinawa. (Via 沖縄三線日和.) They have a t-shirt on sale at that looks freakin’ awesome.

4 thoughts on “New album from Parsha cluB on 10/3/08!!!”

  1. cool, i can’t wait to get it, i also have been waiting for a new one 🙂

    good to see you again and I’ll keep you informed as time goes by

    Aloha Ray

  2. @Ray: I also want to listen to it to see if they’ve changed their sound. Will be sure to keep everyone informed.

  3. Ray is this the group that does the kagiyadefu? one I mentioned to you about at Van’s

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