Misako Koja’s latest album, “Miguru Inochi,” to be released on 10/25/08


Misako Koja’s “Miguru Inochi” will be her first new album in eight years following the fantastic “Amakakiru Hashi” released in 2000. With a total of 12 tracks, “Miguru Inochi” also includes an album versions of the powerful “Kuroi Ame (Black Rain)” and the beautiful “Kuganingwa” (one of my personal favorites of Misako’s).

According to her official website, a pre-release version — of which 2000 were made — is currently available for sale to those who attend Misako’s concerts. The pre-release version of the album will differ a little from the 10/25/08 release in its album cover art, track down, and mastering among other things although it will feature the same number of tracks and performers.

A must-have album for 2008? You betcha!

(Via the Campus Record Staff blog.)

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