Enjoy pictures from this year’s Okinawan Festival in Hawaii

So I didn’t live-blog this year’s Okinawan Festival but not to fret, there are pictures up on the Web that’ll make you feel as if you were there IRL.

HonoluluAdvertiser.com (link: http://bit.ly/WpuIF) has a total of seven pics up here—several of the pics featuring Derek Ichiro Shiroma’s group Urizun’s performance on Saturday.

starbulletin.com (link: http://bit.ly/4aVJ8G) has three pics up—one of them with Sara and Stacie who are kutu players from Miyashiro Soho Kai.

And as always, lots of pics are already up on Flickr (link).


  1. Richie

    I gave ur site address to some of my friends in Okinawa that lives in Nishihara , Naha, Urasoe. Oroku ,Sashiki and Chatan so they can check it out!! They can read english so I would be fun for them to visit and chat!

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