GANGA ZUMBA’s 2nd album out on 8/20

Kazufumi Miyazawa’s (THE BOOM) latest project, GANGA ZUMBA, will be releasing their 2nd, self-titled album, on 8/20/08. The album will feature 13 tracks including the clip above, “Ashiato no nai michi.” The project commemorates the 100th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Brazil. Kazufumi’s (think “Shima Uta“) world-inspired pop rock for GANGA ZUMBA features Argentine-born singer Claudia Oshiro on vocals and sanshin. (Kazufumi produced Claudia’s debut album, “CLAUDIA.”)

Below is a live clip for the Okinawan-inspired song “Chimuguri Utasha” found on Kazufumi’s solo work: “Shima-Uta,” which is available on iTunes (link opens iTunes).

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