AKI to leave MAX!

AKI (27), the youngest and newest member of the J-pop group MAX, made her intentions known that she’ll be leaving as of this month. She did hint to the members and staff of MAX last year of leaving, rather graduating, from the group to pursue a solo career as a singer-songwriter. AKI joined the group replacing original member Mina in 2002. [Via Yahoo! Japan.]

1 thought on “AKI to leave MAX!”

  1. Omg, that brings them down to 3 members again. 😦 I kind of don’t blame her though, because they havent really put out anything since a single in 2006, and I think they did a song for a Vision Factory Compilation CD. Maybe this will be an eye-opener for MAX that they need t get back in the studio and take music seriously.
    I love MAX, their first album was great. I wish they were as active as they used to be 😦

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