DCT’s Nakamura marries H&MC’s Maki – Tokyograph

I skipped over the headlines in the Japanese news outlets I follow because the only mention was that Masato Nakamura—of one of the greatest J-pop bands, Dreams Come True—was marrying a woman 29 years his junior. So imagine my surprise to find that his wife is none other than HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR’s lead vocalist Maki. Whoa. Kudos to Tokyograph for including Maki’s name in their headline.

A surprising wedding announcement was made on Tuesday: Masato Nakamura, the 49-year-old bassist of DREAMS COME TRUE, has married 20-year-old Maki, a vocalist for the band HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR. The couple submitted their marriage registration on June 22.

Nakamura and Maki, whose maiden name is Onaga, reportedly met just this past spring, and they decided to tie the knot after only a few months.

The young Maki dropped out of school during her second year of high school to focus on her music career, debuting with HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR in 2004. In addition to her success with the band, she landed a starring role as an actress in the 2007 movie ‘Anata wo Wasurenai’ (directed by Junji Hanado).

Maki also announced that she plans to drop out of HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR by the end of the year. The other members are said to be supporting her decision, and the group will remain active without her.

(Via Tokyograph.)

Yup, I just had to emphasize that last paragraph. HandMC definitely won’t be the same band without Maki but I really wish them (the new couple and the band) well.

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